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Tiny Purple Flowers by PoultryChamp

I like how I have seen these purple flowers around in the real world of photography. As I've seen these flowers, I pick at them since I was little and I like see the inside part of what they actually look like. What gives me the interest into seeing them a whole lot is how they look and the impact given to it's own color. These flowers are so little, I'd have to look very close at them just to see what they actually look like. The best part of these kinds of flowers, I'd like to see them again in real life, which seriously wants me to see them again in real life, (hence sadly I don't anymore). The way this photo is pulled off however, is giving it's good quality into capturing a lot of the purple flowers to make me want to see these again. If you'd ever want to grow to have a ton of these small purple flowers, then you should at least have them grow in your yard a whole lot if you'd like to see them in my honest opinion.
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