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YOU ROTTEN FATELESS COWARD!!!!  Calclic said to Zerus, throwing a fireball at Zerus and beating him with his staff.
Do you know how much damage you have caused against my girl that I protected for the most of my life to make sure she gets
care, she gets training, and she gets what she must have to live?! And this power that you were given too, you better come up
with some answers or you'll being seeing yourself as a petrified statue in front of her own daughters and I'll have you incinerated!

Zerus is in the worse of his own life. After receiving power from Tara after the death of Mother, one of her guardians
Calclic, finds out and realizes that the body she lives in is in fact of a undead body. Troubled by the soul of Mother and by
the attacks that Calclic has made against him for the foolish mistakes, he sets and leaves to take his troubled path and find
Reiya to atone for the wrongs of the Konquestors battles, but now since Thayde and Lyneria have been destroyed in a full round
battle with one sage undead, Calclic had became lucky to resurrect Mother from the depths of death and cold darkness, but he is
horrified about what will happen to him if answers aren't found. Will he be petrified and turned to stone by Mother's guardian,
or will be atone out for his sins that he caused during the war for using Tara's power?
I'm looking for someone to help me improve my previews, so I'm allowing critique on my work that sucks since I put some effort in it, but not much.
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January 17, 2013
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